Ethernal‏‏‎ Gladiators

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Ethernal‏‏‎ Gladiators
Ethernal‏‏‎ Gladiators

Built using the powerful and agile Unity Game Engine, and innovative Binance and Enjin system, Ethernal Gladiators utilizes the best of the two worlds: PvP gaming and NFT-blockchain. The project offers players to show off their skills in cunning and unpredictable turn-based combat, and take the riches they deserve as the Master of the Arena.

The core gameplay is built around challenging other players to PvP in the arena, where your skills matter even more than your gear and win JENJ or BNB tokens. The NFTs in Ethernal Gladiators are the most unique and innovative you can imagine - it is not a mere collectible or just a unique avatar.

Our NFTs - have your character or weapon stats baked in them, and then when you insert it into our Arena Game Framework, your NFTs become interactive Fighters, weapons, and armors with the unique look, and characteristics. These NFTs can be won in the game, bought, or sold on the NFT exchanges outside the game world.

On top of that - all the system is designed on the Jumpnet network, which allows players to avoid paying high gas fees!

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