Farsite is a blockchain-powered sandbox MMO RTSS game with elements of adventure in a sci-fi setting based on a post-apocalyptic story.

Every item in the game is created by a player using materials found by a player. Production requires a Blueprint, Components a Base on a Planet and some Credits. Components are made from Resources that can be found on Asteroids and Planets or purchased from other players.

Farsite universe is as immense and mesmerizing as it is unpredictable and frightening. In this world there is no place for faint-hearted, but for those who dare to take a step, it never fails to amaze.

There are myriads of constellations to discover, hiding numerous blinding, but tempting stars with unknown planets revolving around them. Once a player sets foot on the surface, a planet becomes explored and is divided into sectors that can be acquired to construct a base and extract resources.


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