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Hodl God

HodlGod is a battle royale title where everyone is battling to be the last man standing. However in HodlGod, winning is more than a bragging right, you are paid in cryptocurrency to play and win. While in-game you will be able to explore, fight monsters, find loot and find bonus crypto, but be careful as you can also run into other players. If you eliminate another player in-game, all of the crypto he earned from that match will be transferred to you. You may have the opportunity to escape during a match and keep all of the cryptos you earned, but of course, if you are eliminated and do not manage to escape or win then all of your earnings from that match are liquidated. Each match can have up to 1000 players. Unlike most other crypto-games, HodlGod is not pay to win. Every player in every match starts with zero loot, and zero coins, there is NOTHING you can buy beforehand that will give you an advantage in this game.

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