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MonsterBuds is a cannabis-inspired NFT universe. You can buy, sell, breed, and smoke these Buds all on the platform. There are a total of 10,420 Generation 1 Buds and as they are bred, open up the MonsterBud universe to new generations. MonsterBuds utilizes a unique naming convention to explore the realm of fictional cannabis strains with a few rare, real-life strains added to the mix. Buds will have in-game utility in our Smoke Session game. Players will be able to choose three Buds to play. Every characteristic will be factored into your overall Tolerance Score. There will be a cooldown period after each Bud is used. If the player does not own three Buds, or any Buds for that matter, they can borrow from any of the Buds in our database that are available and ready to go. This process allows us to maximize the user base while retaining value for Generation 1 MonsterBuds.


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