Top 3 play-to-earn trading card games

In this list, we are going to look at the best play-to-earn card games that use NFTs to give players true ownership of cards.

Top 3 play-to-earn trading card games

Card games like Magic the Gathering, Yu-Gi-Oh and Pokemon have always been popular not only because of their gameplay but also due to their aspect of card ownership where players can collect cards and trade with them. Nowadays, you can also play some of these games online, but you never get to truly own the cards you collect which is an integral part of trading card games. That’s where blockchain technology comes in to give the players a true trading card experience. In this list, we are going to take a look at the top 3 play-to-earn trading card games that use NFTs to give players true ownership of cards (in no particular order).

Gods Unchained

Gods Unchained’s art style is similar to Magic the Gathering while its gameplay is comparable to Hearthstone. The game is still in its beta phase and is led by the former Game Director of MTG Arena. As a newcomer, you don’t have to spend a single dime as you get 140 free cards to play and earn more cards with. With the addition of the expansion Divine Order, there are more than 1,000 unique cards to collect and trade. You can start playing it for free now by downloading the client and registering an account.

Earnings mechanics:

  • Play competitive, earn EXP and for each level you receive a card pack (consists of 5 cards)
  • Play weekend ranked and earn more packs depending on how many wins you get out of 25 games (up to 5 or 6 packs in reward)
  • Forge common cards using Flux (earned in-game) into rare, epic or legendary cards
  • Trade these rare, epic or legenday cards for $ETH on the marketplace Immutable X
  • In the future, players will earn $GODS tokens by playing the game


Skyweaver is still in its closed Beta phase where you can sign up with your email and join the waitlist. The game runs on a browser so you don’t have to install a client to play the game. Just like Gods Unchained, its gameplay is comparable to Hearthstone. You earn cards by leveling up and playing conquest mode.

Conquest mode

Conquest mode is a mode that’s quite different from other Play-to-earn mechanics. In this mode, you have to trade in 1 DAI (stable coin based on US Dollar) or 1 silver card to start your conquest and play 3 matches. You start off with 1 life and if you lose a match, you’re out of the competition. You get a silver card for winning 1 or 2 matches or a gold card if you win all 3 matches. The mode is still in its final test phase, so players can enter the conquest with test DAI (each player receives 50 test DAI). When the mode officially launches, it will cost real money to enter. You can sign up on their website for a spot on the waitlist.


Splinterlands is a fast-paced card game, where each match lasts around 2-3 minutes. As opposed to other trading card games, Splinterlands has passive gameplay, where you and your opponent “create a team” within 2 minutes and watch the automated battle progress. The strategic part of the game is during the 2 minutes time of creating a team. During this time limit, you have to select a summoner and a combination of cards within the mana limit and the predefined game rule.

In this game, you earn DEC tokens (Dark Energy Crystals) by battling against other players. These tokens can be used to buy or rent cards or sell for other currencies. You also earn SPS tokens (governance tokens in the Splinterlands ecosystem) just by holding NFTs. In order to play Splinterlands, you will need an initial investment of $10 to buy a Summoner’s book. Head over to their official website to sign up and start playing now!


There are of course more trading card games out there but at the time of writing, we think that these games deserve to be in the top 3 due to their solid gameplay and a healthy community. Besides that, Gods Unchained, Skyweaver and Splinterlands are all easy to get into and don’t require a huge investment to play and earn money.

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