Noa combines some of the best features of idle clicking, trading card, deck building and RPG games. Command your team into battle. Build powerful decks with unique hero and support cards. Enter the dungeons and emerge victoriously. Earn token and valuable loot in the form of NFTs. Upgrade your deck and advance to higher tiers to earn even more! Trade, build, upgrade, battle and earn!
Build a deck of 16 hero cards and 10 support cards. When the game starts, 4 random hero cards are placed on the playground along with 2 random support cards. Your heroes will battle the enemy cards and every time a hero goes to 0HP, a new one emerges from the draw pile until all 16 are destroyed. The player that still has at least 1 hero card on the playground wins. You will receive NOA tokens as a reward and if you are lucky, you will get some rare loot such as shards to upgrade your cards, in-game exclusive heroes, charms, boosters and more, a lot more!

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