Wrath Of Tezca

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Wrath Of Tezca
Wrath Of Tezca

Wrath of Tezca is a wax-based blockchain game. Players use their troops via worker placement to choose options ranging from passive missions, resource gathering, or active turn-based tactics combat on a 3d map, all of which generate resources that can be sold on secondary markets or used to directly craft new NFT’s from a crafting pool.

Our richly detailed world takes heavy inspiration from Mesoamerican cultures with an orcish twist, pitting your tribe against the invading humans attempting to claim your lands, and wealth, for themselves.

Participants must own at least one character NFT, and these will be limited in number to prevent the game from becoming overrun. All NFT’s will use a rarity system, including common, rare, epic and legendary, with characters also having a chance of a mythic quality version dropping. These will all impact the rewards you receive when carrying out passive missions, or have better stats for the turn-based tactics version of the game.

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