What is NFT (Non fungible token)?

NFT stands for Non-fungible token, which basically means that it’s unique and not interchangeable. As opposed to Non-fungible tokens, Fungible tokens, like Bitcoin or Ethereum, are interchangeable and indistinguishable. This means that the one Bitcoin in your wallet has the same value as the one Bitcoin of another person or entity. In the case of Non-fungible tokens, each asset has its own unique characteristics. These tokens represent ownership of digital assets, such as art or in-game items where one asset is not the same as the other.

What are play-to-earn games?

Play-to-earn games are blockchain games where players are rewarded in fungible tokens or NFTs for simply playing the game, getting achievements, winning matches, etc.

How are NFTs used in Play-to-earn games?

NFT in itself is unique data stored on the blockchain. This data can be used to represent an in-game asset if you connect your wallet (containing NFTs) to the game.

What's the difference between Play-to-earn and NFT games?

The terms are mostly used interchangeably. Play-to-earn games are based on blockchain technology where tokens and NFT can be earned by playing the game. NFT games are also of course based on blockchain technology and basically mean that NFTs are used in-game in the form of characters, weapons, items, cards, etc.

Are Play-to-earn or NFT games free to play?

It depends. Some games are entirely free to play where you don’t have to spend a single dime. You get a set of free in-game assets that you can play and earn tokens or NFT with. While other games require you to purchase an NFT, such as a character, to play the game. The initial investment can vary from as little as $10 to $100 and more.

I would like to list a game. Where can I submit it?

To have your game listed, please send us a mail at info@p2eportal.com or message us via the contact form.

How do I set up a crypto wallet?

To get started, you will need a crypto wallet to connect with the game you want to play. Depending on the type of blockchain that is used to build the game, you will need to set up a crypto wallet. Metamask is most commonly used for creating and connecting Ethereum wallet. For more information on how to set up your Metamask wallet read here.

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