9Lives Arena
9Lives Arena

9lives Arena is a competitive online RPG focused on skill based one versus one PvP featuring permadeath, persistent progression, resource gathering, item crafting and the world's first online/offline companion, Ooogy, that works for you 24/7.

PvP: a unique PvP experience featuring a complex permadeath loop where death is just the beginning with persistent account progression. Total freedom of character build creation allows players to find their own successful playstyles.

OOOGY: a unique virtual online/offline companion that can be trained to gather resources, craft items, and all that even while the player is offline. A deep crafting and customization system for weapons and armor, allowing players to create unique gear to suit their playstyle and look.

FISHING: a relaxing fishing experience to help players unwind and feed Ooogy, including 6 competitive fishing leaderboards and many surprise catches.

TREASURE HUNTING: receive treasure maps from fishing and send Ooogy on treasure hunts to receive rare loot.

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