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Arena of Faith
Arena of Faith

Arena of Faith is a MOBA game, where you can challenge other players, invest in esports clubs and competitions, and utilize Blockchain technology transforms virtual equipment into real wealth. Join me Let's become the leader in the e-sports world!

Arena of Faith offers a diverse gameplay experience with its four main systems.
The equipment system serves as the core development aspect, allowing players to enhance their combat effectiveness by converting accumulated gold coins into equipment.
The Arcane System introduces two pre-selected active skills outside of the game, providing multi-dimensional combat support and influencing hero, outfit, and apocalypse choices.
The Apocalypse system is a free attribute and skill system that assists players in combat, allowing for different playstyle approaches with various heroes.
The Climate system features randomly generated weather effects during battles, impacting gameplay situations. The weather system is determined at the start of each game and can range from no weather changes to extreme conditions, affecting character attributes, vision, and the types of encountered ancient giants. Certain weather systems can even modify map elements, offering unique challenges and opportunities.

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