Blast Royale
Blast Royale

Blast Royale is a mobile Battle Royale game designed for the web3 generation! A fun, frenetic adrenaline fuelled short session game that is about packing as much fun onto the blockchain as possible.

Players are pitted against each other in a ‘last one standing’ survival match. Players can choose the part of the map they deploy into.
A player must have at least 3 different items equipped in order to be able to play a Ranked match. Those items can be NFTs or non-NFT equipment.
In the course of a match, players gather their equipment loadout that they have pre-selected before the match. They also collect ammo, health packs, armour, and other things hidden on a map. Players can also collect items that other players drop, including their NFT weapons. Players don't bring items collected in a match back to the metagame though.

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