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The Evaverse is a multiplayer social platform built for the NFT Community. Each NFT is a rigged and animated playable game character inside the Evaverse. Owning a First Arrivals character grants you exclusive access to that avatar within the Evaverse.

Players can create their own servers, meet other collectors, and show off their Opensea NFTs while playing mini-games and hanging out with other community members in an immersive 3d environment.

The long-term vision is to expand the Evaverse game alongside the NFT community. Evaverse NFT holders will be able to propose game updates and future design mechanics as we build out the Evaverse world in the direction our NFT community wants. Ultimately, our goal is to partner with other NFT collections to bring their avatars into the non-voxelized 3D world of the Evaverse for all to experience.

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