Embark on a rewarding journey and unleash your inner gamer with Genopets! This free-to-play game combines the excitement of gaming with an active lifestyle. By exploring, battling, and evolving your digital pet, you'll earn rewards while staying active. Your Genopet will accompany you wherever you go, counting your steps and turning them into fuel for your gameplay.

Genopets is not just about counting steps and rewarding physical activity; it's about building a strong bond with your digital companion and taking care of it every day. The game draws inspiration from the emotional connections we formed with our Tamagotchis, Pokémon, and real-world pets. By nurturing, training, and playing with your Genopet, you'll witness its evolution and growth alongside your own.
Each day, you'll reap the rewards of your movements by banking your steps and converting them into Energy, the lifeblood of the game. As your Genopet levels up and evolves, its in-game abilities increase, and it becomes rarer. By engaging in minigames that focus on feeding, playing with, and showing affection to your Genopet, you'll elevate its mood and enhance its energy generation.

Play-to-earn Mechanics

  • Move-to-Earn: Players earn Energy, the in-game currency. through the Move-to-Earn mechanics incorporated into the game. By staying active and completing daily challenges, players can accumulate steps, which can be converted to Energy. Steps are counted using the pedometer on your smartphone, allowing you to convert your real-life movement into virtual rewards.
  • Unlock Rewards and Build Your Genopet's Inventory: Players need to bank their steps before midnight each day. By doing so, they can unlock various rewards based on their activity level. These rewards include items such as Food and Toys, which can be used to feed and play with your Genopet once those features are released.
  • Genopet Habitat: Players can acquire a Habitat, a home for their Genopet. Habitat owners can convert their Energy into KI tokens, the in-game cryptocurrency, by assuming the Harvester role. They can also craft rare items, such as augments, nurture items, and power-ups, by taking on the Alchemist role.
  • Marketplace: Habitat owners have the option to use or sell the items they create, fueling the marketplace creator economy within the game.
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