Guild of Guardians
Guild of Guardians

Guild of Guardians is inspired by Diablo and Dungeons and Dragons. The game takes place in a classic fantasy universe. There are dungeons to explore and monsters to be slain. Play as orcs, elves, humans or strange magical creatures. The art style of the game has an aesthetic, low-poly style and all characters and combat is in 3D.

Guild of Guardians is a team-based dungeon-crawling game where players strategically assemble a team of heroes to fight in dungeons. The game emphasizes team composition, skill usage, and dodging abilities. Synergies between factions, classes, and elements impact combat, offering benefits such as attack boosts or increased chances of damage over time. Skilled players can execute combo attacks by timing their dodges and attacks correctly for massive damage. Traditional RPG roles like Tank, Healer, DPS, and Support are essential for success in challenging content.


  • Guild Crafting: Players contribute dungeon drops to their guild for crafting blockchain items. The items are sold on the market, and profits are split based on each player's contribution.
  • Hero Merging: Players can merge common heroes into higher rarity ones, creating a player-driven economy. These merged heroes cannot be sold by Guild of Guardians.
  • $GOG tokens: The game utilizes $GOG tokens, an ERC-20 token, within its ecosystem. Players can use $GOG for in-game activities, claim rewards through active staking, and participate in governance
  • Daily Gems Rewards: Players receive daily Guild of Guardians Gems by reaching milestones and completing quests.
  • Leaderboard Prizes: Guilds compete for prizes that reset each season, rewarding competitive players.
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