Mirandus is a game that takes players on an epic journey through a vast and captivating fantasy world. In this world ruled by five player-monarchs, you can venture alone into the treacherous wilderness, challenging fearsome monsters in deep woods and dungeons. Alternatively, you can join forces with one of the monarchs, serving as a knight in their court. For those seeking a different path, setting up shop in one of the realm's five great citadels is an option.

Unlike other RPGs, Mirandus offers absolute freedom of choice with no maps or quest givers to guide you. As an Exemplar, a hero with unique powers, you'll explore the secrets of Mirandus and decide your own path.
Central to the gameplay is player ownership of in-game assets. By acquiring land deeds, you can claim parts of the wilderness and establish holdfasts, ranging from humble farms to grand cities. Be warned, the risks of exploring Mirandus are great, but so are the rewards. Materium, a concentrated magic substance, lies hidden within the realm, granting players the ability to cast powerful spells, create extraordinary items, and even resurrect fallen heroes.

Play-to-earn Mechanics

  • Materium and GALA: Materium is the in-game currency that can be earned by owning Exemplar or NFT characters. The more characters you own, the more Materium you can earn. GALA is the token used for buying and selling NFTs within Mirandus. You can earn NFTs and tokens in the game and then sell them for GALA. You can also speculate on the value of NFT assets by buying them and reselling them for profit.
  • Winning Battles: As a player in Mirandus, you have the freedom to hunt down monsters and engage in battles. Winning battles rewards you with resources that can be traded for reasonable prices on the in-game market, allowing you to earn money.
  • Exploring and Gathering: By venturing into the wilderness, you can claim deeds far from the city's protection and potentially earn Materium as rewards. You can also set up bases such as homesteads, farms, or cities in the wilderness. These locations may generate resources and act as gathering points for other players, incentivizing exploration and increasing the chances of finding Materium.
  • Trading and Marketplaces: Within the game, players can buy, sell, and trade land with one another. Land prices can vary, providing opportunities for profitable transactions. Additionally, resources gathered in the game can be sold on third-party marketplaces, allowing players to earn real money by exchanging in-game resources for currency.
  • Owning Land Deeds: Once you own land deeds in Mirandus, you have various opportunities to earn money. You can build a city and offer services and shelter to other players for profit. Alternatively, you can create structures on other players' land for agreed-upon fees, providing a source of income.
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