My DeFi Pet
My DeFi Pet

The immersive world of My DeFi Pet is filled with enchanting scenery and diverse creatures, inviting players on a journey to unravel the game's mysteries. With its blend of advanced technology and old-school gaming concepts, My DeFi Pet offers a Play-to-Earn approach, making it especially appealing to pet-lovers looking to make a profit.

My DeFi Pet offers a range of engaging gameplay features for players to enjoy with their pets. Players can obtain NFT pets through two methods - summoning or participating in bidding on the in-game marketplace. Players can breed new pets by owning at least two pets and using DPET tokens.
Pets in My DeFi Pet have different stages of evolution based on their rarity. Players can upgrade their pets' stats, capabilities, energy, and appearance by feeding them DPET tokens. Engage in combat with other players' NFT pets and earn trophies based on your performance.

Play-to-earn Mechanics

  • Team Your Pet Up & Battle: Although the battle mode has not been launched yet, players can look forward to participating in battle tournaments in the future. By teaming up your pets and competing against others, you have a chance to win epic prizes.
  • Complete Missions & Seasonal Events: Each season and mission in the game comes with a set of responsibilities. By fulfilling these tasks, such as tracking down and acquiring specific NFT pets, players can earn rewards. In the first season, winners received a substantial check of around 100,000 USDT.
  • Sending Pets Out For Hunting: Similar to staking, players can send their pets out of their farm to hunt for food and DEPT Tokens. By participating in this activity, you can earn returns in the form of DEPT Tokens.
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