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Nine Chronicles
Nine Chronicles

Nine Chronicles is an innovative fantasy MMORPG that empowers players and operates on a decentralized network. In this never-ending world, players join forces with the goddess Freya to combat a malevolent force plaguing the land. With an open-source approach and a player-driven economy, Nine Chronicles offers a unique gaming experience that caters to both casual and competitive players.

The core gameplay mode in Nine Chronicles is the Campaign, which serves as the foundation of the in-game economy. Players navigate through 300 distinct stages across five worlds, facing formidable adversaries along the way. As they progress, the challenges become more demanding, requiring strategic thinking and careful planning. Victorious players are rewarded with valuable materials used for crafting powerful items.
Each world within the Nine Chronicles realm consists of 50 stages, culminating in a boss battle that presents a significant hurdle. Currently, the available worlds include Yggdrasil, Alfheim, Svartalfheim, Asgard, Muspelfheim, Jotunheim, and three to be determined.
To participate in the Campaign, players must spend Action Points, which can be replenished using the Prosperity Meter or Action Points Potions. The Prosperity Meter refreshes periodically, while potions offer an immediate means of recharging Action Points.

Play-to-earn Mechanics

  • Participate in the Campaign and Events: Engage in the Campaign to gather materials, unlock new recipes, and craft items. These items can be used for progression, events, or listed for sale in the Market. You can also upgrade your items or purchase stronger ones from the Market to continue growing stronger. Participating in competitive game modes rewards players based on the value of their items, strategical thinking, and time dedicated to the game. Craft and trade items to increase your standing during events.
  • Utilize Nine Chronicles Crystals (NCC): NCC is a sub-currency that allows you to translate the value of unused items into a usable currency. Acquire NCC by disassembling items, unsuccessful item upgrades, event rewards, and trading. Use NCC for various in-game utilities, including acquiring limited-time buffs during PvP events, seasonal event passes for better rewards, increasing item upgrading probabilities, and crafting rare or unique items. NCC helps maintain the item value over time and safeguards the economy from an expanding player base.
  • Earn Materium and GALA: Materium is a native token in the game, while GALA represents the platform's native cryptocurrency exchangeable for real money. Hold Exemplar NFT characters to increase your value in the game and earn more Materium. Own land deeds to build cities, provide shelter and services to other players, or create structures for others on agreed fees. Win battles against monsters to receive rewards in the form of resources that can be traded for reasonable prices on the in-game market.
  • Staking: Staking mechanisms such as the Monster Collection and WNCG Staking offer additional opportunities to earn rewards. In the Monster Collection staking, lock your NCG tokens for a specific period and receive weekly rewards like Hourglasses and AP Potions, which are tradeable in the Shop. WNCG Staking involves depositing WNCG (and potentially ETH) into a liquidity pool on Balancer to earn WNCG and BAL rewards as a liquidity provider.
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