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Sabai Ecoverse
Sabai Ecoverse

The Sabai Ecoverse game is a kind of simulator for building a full-fledged resort business where the player goes through all the main stages of its creation: from idea and construction to the full work automation and further scaling. Having learned how to manage real estate in the game, users will be able to easily switch to real-world real estate using the same platform tools and become full-fledged owners of fractional real estate or the whole object.

The user starts on an empty island, where his main task is to equip the island so that it becomes attractive to tourists. In a beautiful tropical island environment, the player should develop his resort, make the guests happy and convert this happiness into profit. Build entertainment venues, restaurants and shops, launch tourist centres and attract more guests. Build and develop your successful business in harmony with nature and follow the principles of environmental management. The entire Sabai universe is based on our mission and our exposure: freedom and equality, humanistic principles, communication and socialization based on the joint creation of a prosperous universe of goodness and peace.

Play-to-earn Mechanics

  • Production Owner: Owns production that produce resources, trades on the market and develops his enterprise.
  • Business Owner: Owns housing complexes and services, track the tourist flow, receives daily profit and develops its business.
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