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Song of Rising
Song of Rising

Song of Rising is an exciting and creative pixel-style metaverse project that combines elements of decentralized finance (DeFi) with a game-like interface. Set in a post-apocalyptic world after the catastrophe of Ragnarok, Song of Rising presents a story where humanity struggles to survive in a harsh winter landscape. Players take on the role of brave heroes tasked with leading their people, cultivating the land, building homes, and restoring order.

The gameplay revolves around Heroes, utility-based NFTs with various uses. Players can acquire Heroes from the hero market and explore their unique attributes and abilities. Heroes can engage in Profession Quests to earn in-game resources and increase their profession skill and experience. They can also participate in combat quests, including PvP battles, as they progress.

Play-to-earn Mechanics

  • Engage with Heroes: Use utility-based NFT Heroes to gather resources, participate in combat quests, and engage in player versus player (PVP) battles.
  • Profession Quests: Take on Professions Quests to earn JEWEL (in-game currency) and valuable in-game resources. Increase your profession skill and gain experience to level up your Heroes.
  • Quest Rewards: Complete various quests, including PVE quests, to earn loot, experience, and rewards.
  • Hero Market: Explore the Hero market to buy and sell Heroes. Each Hero has unique attributes and characteristics that can influence their value.
  • RUBY Token: RUBY is the main token of value in Song of Rising. Use RUBY to purchase Hero NFTs, mint new Heroes, and trade for other tokens and in-game items through the decentralized exchange (DEX).


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