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Enter the thrilling world of Splinterlands, a blockchain-based digital collectible card game where players battle it out with unique creatures and strategic gameplay. Engage in epic card-based duels and build your own powerful deck of monsters and spells. With a vibrant community and a competitive environment, Splinterlands offers a captivating experience where strategy and quick thinking reign supreme. Join the ranks of skilled summoners and embark on an adventure like no other in Splinterlands.

In Splinterlands, players become summoners and assemble a formidable team of creatures to compete in thrilling card battles. Each creature belongs to a specific Splinter, representing one of the game's elemental factions. As a summoner, you strategically select and position your creatures on the battlefield, utilizing their unique abilities and synergies to gain the upper hand.
With hundreds of collectible cards available, each with its own stats, abilities, and rarities, players can customize their decks to suit their preferred playstyle. As you progress, you'll earn new cards, upgrade existing ones, and discover powerful combinations to enhance your strategic prowess.
The game offers various gameplay modes, including ranked matches, tournaments, and guild battles. Engage in head-to-head battles against other players worldwide, climb the competitive ladder, and prove your skills to become a top-ranked summoner.

Play-to-Earn Mechanics

  • Playing Ranked Battles: Engaging in Ranked Battles is the primary method. Players earn rewards every time they win a battle, with the amount depending on their rank, capture rate, and market conditions.
  • Loot Chests: Players can earn loot chests by completing daily quests and receiving end-of-season rewards. These chests contain a random combination of currencies, items, and cards, which can be valuable and sold for profit.
  • Tournaments: Splinterlands hosts tournaments with different entry requirements and rewards. Participating in these tournaments can earn players prizes based on their performance and ranking.
  • Leaderboard Rewards: Top players on the Modern and Wild leaderboards receive $DEC rewards based on their position.
  • Renting Cards: Players can earn passive income by renting out unused cards. By setting a rental price, players can earn $DEC based on the power, rank, and rarity of the rented cards.
  • Staking $SPS: Staking $SPS (Splintershards) provides an opportunity for passive income and participation in the game's governance. Players can earn staking rewards and potentially benefit from the appreciation of the $SPS token.
  • Playing in Tournaments: Splinterlands' tournaments offer substantial prize pools, providing an opportunity to win money by renting powerful cards and participating.
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