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Stella Fantasy
Stella Fantasy

Step into the enchanting world of Stella Fantasy, a Character Collectible NFT Action RPG. Immerse yourself in a vibrant anime-style universe where players can explore captivating landscapes, battle fearsome enemies, and forge bonds with charming characters. Stella Fantasy's ecosystem rewards players economically, making your gaming experience even more rewarding.

In Stella Fantasy, gameplay revolves around interconnected systems that enhance the overall experience. Engage in town management, where you cultivate private lands to acquire essential resources for crafting NFTs, advancing the main storyline, and preparing for battles in the Abyss Rifts. Developed characters perform better in the Abyss Rifts, where you'll face challenging combat encounters.
With features like Frontier Town, Abyss Rifts, and PvP competitions, Stella Fantasy offers a diverse range of engaging gameplay experience for players of all kinds.

Play-to-earn Mechanics

  • Frontier Town: Assigning characters to different infrastructure within the town can yield rewards. Player-owned characters may increase the productivity of these infrastructures through their skills and interactions, leading to higher rewards.
  • Abyss Rift: These are the game's main combat stages where players can earn various materials and items upon clearing them. Unique Abyss Rifts and Race Abyss Rifts provide higher-value rewards.
  • Team Tag Battle: This is a seasonal competitive PvE raid content where players challenge a single raid boss using multiple characters. Players' scores are ranked on the global ranking board, and various rewards are given based on the rankings at the end of each season.
  • Miracle Arena: This is a player-versus-player battle arena where players use their NFT characters to compete. At the end of each season, players receive rewards, including SFTY tokens, based on their ranks.
  • Staking: The Star Sanctum is a feature in Stella Fantasy where players can enhance their combat gameplay by staking character NFTs. By staking their character NFTs in the Star Sanctum, players can enhance their "Stella Strike," which is a key combat mechanism in the game.


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